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*In 2016, members saw the value of their monthly savings grow by up to 56.3%

Join thousands of members in the Angel Business Club, choose a monthly savings plan and receive FREE shares in start up businesses worth between £16 and £200, EVERY WEEK. 

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Thousands of members all around the world receive FREE SHARES every Wednesday. This is your chance to own real shares fast growing, privately owned businesses. There are no joining fees.

Using the power of the crowd, the Club only invests in carefully selected, privately owned businesses. There's no need for you to know anything about investments to be able to see your money grow.

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Join today and contribute as little as €89 per month and you'll receive FREE shares every Wednesday that can massively grow in value.

Members receive free shares worth between £16 and £200 every week. Join the Club for free today and get your FREE shares, next Wednesday!

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Contribute from as little as €89 a month
(equivalent to just €3 a day)


Receive free shares every Wednesday


Watch your portfolio grow every week

No joining fees. Join the Club today.

FREE shares already given to members...

Widecells Group PLC

The Angel Business Club has been a significant shareholder in Widecells Group PLC, since before it floated on the London Stock Exchange in July 2016.

Members of the Club saw substantial gains on the value of their shareholdings. Many members still hold shares today.

Firescape Global Ltd

Firescape Global are a British company with a revolutionary firefighting product with worldwide potential. It's products are approved by London Fire Brigade Enterprises.

Firescape Global are aiming to float on the London Stock Exchange in 2017

The Natural Drinks Co

The Natural Drinks Company have a unique, zero sugar, artificial additive free drink called Frutree.

Frutree has already sold over 4 million bottles through retailers such as Lidl, Iceland and Home Bargains. There is huge UK and international demand.

The Club invests in carefully selected, privately owned businesses. Members receive free shares every Wednesday worth between £16 and £200.

More exciting shares owned by members...

Ridercam Systems Ltd

Ridercam Systems Ltd are the world's leading technology when it comes to delivering HD video souvenirs in Theme Parks and on roller-coasters.

Ridercam Systems recently won a huge contract from the world's largest roller coaster manufacturer, in China and hope to float on a stock exchange in the new few months.

SmartTrade App Ltd

SmartTrade App’s aim is to become the world's leading App to assist small businesses for taking payments on a smart phone. They recently signed a contract with the 2nd biggest bank in the UK.

The Angel Business Club is a significant shareholder in this exciting company.

Britannia's Gold Ltd

Over 700 official gold carrying ships were sunk in the first and second world war. Estimated gold value is in excess of £150 billion.

Britannia's Gold plan to salvage many of these wrecks and bring the gold back home. Angel Business Club members own a substantial share in the business.

Members receive free shares every Wednesday. Join the Club today!

Past Performance

Note: Past performance does not guarantee future performance. The chart below shows the shares issued to Club members during 2016 according to their membership level. Members received shares in 18 different companies (minimising risk, maximising gain). Overall, members saw an increase in the value of their shares by 21.55% to 56.38% in the year.

No need to be an expert. The Club makes the investment decisions and you receive free share allocations. Join the Club today.

Meet The Team

Philip Reid - Chairman

Philip Reid has over 35 years experience of financial services, specialising in the selection and funding of early stage companies.

He was a Chief Executive of the National Research Development Corporation, a UK Government backed venture capital organisation which oversaw the exploitation of many of the leading UK innovations. He was later a Senior Vice President of Merrill Lynch and in recent years has been Chairman of some five AIM or Plus Listed public companies.

Dominic Berger - CEO

Dominic is a serial entrepreneur. In 1998 Dominic co-founded, pioneering one of the world’s first online TV platforms. In 1999 he joined BlackStar Associates, the largest online video and DVD retailer in the UK, as Managing Director. 

In 2003 he founded Venue Solutions, a strategy consulting business. In 2005 Dominic lead the flotation of Venue Solutions Holdings PLC on to the AIM market.

He founded Universal Outdoor Group Plc in 2008 which he listed on the German stock exchange in 2009. 

Dan Mc Aleese - Compliance

Daniel has over 25 years experience in compliance and regulation. Daniel started his career at the London Stock Exchange before becoming a senior policy adviser at the FCA's predecessor, the Securities and Futures Authority for a number of years.

He became head of UK and European Compliance at Smith Barney Europe Ltd and then PaineWebber Europe Ltd.

Daniel later set up his own compliance consultancy firm; Robinson Mack Ltd in 2005. Daniel is also the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) of the Group.

No joining fees. FREE shares every Wednesday. Join the Club today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a joining fee?

No. You can sign up for free. Once you are a member, choose a monthly membership plan and you'll start receiving free shares every Wednesday

How do I join the Club?

Just click any of join buttons on this page and sign up for free at the Angel Business Club website.

How much are the monthly membership contributions?

There are 7 levels to choose from. From €89 through to €990 per month. Unsure how much that is in your local currency? Check out the rates at

How do I pay my monthly contributions?

You can pay using a debit or credit card, or bank transfer.

How do I withdraw my money?

You can sell your shares to other Club members in the internal exchange (open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and receive instant cash into your wallet. Then simply submit a withdrawal request and your money will be in your bank account within 3-7 days.

How does the Club make money?

By combining all the members' monthly contributions, the Club can negotiate big discounts on the investments it makes. The discounts allow the Club to allocate free shares to members whilst leaving enough money to cover the costs of running the Club. The Club harnesses the "power of the crowd".

Are investments regulated and approved by the FCA?

Yes, any offers for investment are provided through Angel Corporate Finance Ltd, which is approved and regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority, FCA. Registration no.: 189495


I don't know anything about investing, can I still benefit from joining the Club?

Yes. If you are someone who wants a simple, hands-free way to save for the future, the Angel Business Club is a great choice.

Can I buy more shares over and above my free weekly allocations?

Yes. The Club has an easy to use peer-to-peer trading exchange where you can buy shares from other members of the Club.

Do I need to make any investment decisions myself?

No, you don't need to. You can simply make a monthly contribution to the Club (just like a savings plan) and receive free shares every week in companies selected by the Club.

How and when can I sell my shares?

You can sell your shares whenever you wish via the private peer-to-peer internal exchange. The internal exchange is open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Will I get a physical share certificate?

There is no need for a physical share certificate. The full share register is updated daily and held by an independent third party clearing house (which is FCA approved and regulated). If you want to have a physical share certificate, that can be arranged, for a small admin fee.

Can I change my monthly contributions any time?

Yes. You can change your monthly contributions any time you wish. You can also pause your payments for a while. Note, you won't receive any shares whilst your account is inactive. If your account remains inactive for 6 months or more, the Club has the right to sell your shares and close your account.

What happens if a company floats on a public stock exchange?

If a company you own shares in floats on a stock market (e.g. the London Stock Exchange), you will still be able to sell your shares via the "stock trading tool". 

Do I have to sell my shares if they float on a public stock exchange?

No. It's your choice. You can hold on to them or you can sell them. 

What if a company I own shares in receives a buy-out or takeover offer?

If a takeover happens, you will receive a cash payout for your shares.

Is this a risky investment?

Yes! Angel investing is very risky (with risk comes the potential for high rewards). Your risk is limited to the amount you invest.

Is there an affiliate programme?

Yes, if you wish to share the Angel Business Club with others, simply share this link: and replace '31462' with your own unique member ID number.

There is NO fee to be an affiliate and you will receive very generous commissions for every active member you refer, every time they make a monthly contribution, for the lifetime of the member.

How quickly are affiliates paid?

Affiliate bonuses are paid instantly and withdrawals can be made direct to your bank account weekly.

I do not live in the UK, can I still join the Club?

Yes, the Angel Business Club has members from over 100 countries around the world

Make your money work for you. Join the Angel Business Club today.

My portfolio of shares grows every week. The Club is a great place to make new friends. The live weekly webinars are a real bonus. It's really exciting to see my shares growing in value so much. Thanks.

Paul H. Yorkshire, UK
John Doe UI/UX Designer

The Club is a brilliant opportunity to get shares that would not normally be available to the average person like me. It's the best savings plan I've ever seen.

Charles S. Kent, UK
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Make your money work for you. Join the Angel Business Club today.

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